Packaging & Pouching

We lead the industry with our packaging and pouching capabilities.  Our dedication to process improvement and quality equipment is second to none.  As a contract manufacturer, our clients value all of the options we have and the flexibility to meet expectations. 

Amerilab’s Newest Endeavor

AUTOMATION: This line fills three different flavors of the same base formula into one pouch! Or just one or two flavors if that’s more your thing. It will run 23mm width and up to 7” length sticks and fill weights up to 7 grams (depending on your formula’s density).

FLEXIBILITY: Our pouching line will run a pouch of 12 sticks with one, two or three flavors up to a pouch of 72 sticks with one, two or three flavors!

Stick Packs

Convenience and portability is central to stick packs.  Trust that our state-of-the-art packaging equipment is ready for any stick project.

  • 23mm—available to be put into cartons and into pouches
  • 30mm—available to be put into cartons

Effervescent Tablets

Custom projects need a perfect solution.  Our tablet packaging process is refined and tested for optimal results.

  • Wrapped tablets
  • Tablets in tubes

Sticks Into Cartons

Simple and straight forward packaging for stick packs.  Our carton and box options are extremely convenient.  We can make custom sized cartons to match your needs.

Let’s get creative

You dream it and we make it.  Our R&D team are wizards with effervescent elements.  Challenge us with your ideal product and we will impress you with our fine-tuned development process.