Research & Development

Amerilab has a specialized R&D staff for custom development of effervescent and non-effervescent formulations with client-specified ingredient profiles. Our product development team are experts at flavor development, using complementary flavor and color profiles to make your product stand out. We are a strong technical partner with our clients throughout the development process. Our R&D team follows the product throughout the pilot and qualification process ensuring a smooth transition to commercial manufacturing. Our expertise allows us to succeed where others fall short.

Prototype Development:

  • Formulation laboratory with development suites
  • Bench scale feasibility trials with small-scale blenders (~100 g – 15 kg)
  • Gravity feed development tablet press
  • Instrumented development tablet press with compression and ejection force monitoring
  • Manual stick/sachet filling
  • State of the art powder characterization equipment
  • Flavor and color development
  • Formula optimization and reformulation


  • Batch sizes ~40 kg – 150 kg
  • Pilot scale V-blender, Ribbon blender, Paddle blender
  • Commercial Kikisui tablet press
  • Stick and sachet filling on commercial manufacturing lines


  • Batch sizes ~1000 kg – 3000 kg
  • Commercial scale V-blender, Paddle blender
  • Performed on commercial manufacturing lines

The Tools Of The Trade

This is no playground but we enjoy the work we do.  Amerilab invests in the best industry testing and formulating equipment.  We consider our laboratories second to none in the world for effervescent manufacturing.  

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