Effervescent Tablets

Effervescent tablets are a cornerstone product for Amerilab.  Tablet form effervescent’s possess amazing versatility.  The capacity to compress a relatively large dose of powder form ingredients and convert them into a single serving is extremely popular.  

  • Unique dosage form
  • Multi-dose or unit dose packaging
  • Ideal for smaller active levels
  • More sustainable than traditional bottled drinks


After the magic of turning powder into tablets happens, it’s off to packaging they go.  Amerilab focuses on two main types of packaging; tubed and foil wrapping.  These two options are well suited for any retail  environment or online.  Amerilab’s roots are in effervescent tablets.  Put your trust in our more than 25 years of experience.

How We Do It

It’s pretty impressive!  We invest in highly refined and specialized equipment that creates perfect product. The organic food acid combines with the carbonate source to form potassium, sodium, calcium or magnesium salts of the acid, and buffers the solution to a normal pH, so it is easy on the stomach. Clinical studies performed on a variety of effervescent products demonstrate that the ingredients penetrate the blood stream within as little as 15 minutes.


Effervescent products offer a unique and advantageous delivery system

  • Bioavailable – easily absorbed into the blood stream
  • Multiple applications – dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, herbals, pharmaceuticals
  • Green – less plastic and petroleum used than traditional bottled drinks
  • Portable – customers can take them anywhere (airplanes! camping! bar hopping! work! home!) and use them with any water source

Let’s get creative

You dream it and we make it.  Our R&D team are wizards with effervescent elements.  Challenge us with your ideal product and we will impress you with our fine-tuned development process.